Travel Tips to Save You Money in NYC

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Saving money in New York is not something easy to do. There is no shortage of things to be done in here and you will be able to find pricey temptations everywhere. If you are planning to go to NYC with a tight budget, you should learn how to save money in order to stay away from hassle. Here is a list of useful travel tips that you can keep in mind in order to save money when you are traveling in NYC.

Save Money at Your Apartment/Home

new yorkSaving money on rent and utilities can be considered as a big deal in NYC. Most of the people who live in NYC for rent spend more than half of their income on it.

Therefore, people with a low income are getting pushed away from Manhattan along with time. If you are concerned about saving money, you should not select the best neighborhood in NYC to live. You can simply live a train ride away from the Midtown.

You will also be able to save money when you decide to live with few roommates. You should also be conservative about the utilities and it would be a good thing to share your Wi-Fi with neighbors.

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Shop Online

When you go to the stores in NYC to purchase groceries, you will have to spend large amounts of money. Therefore, you can think of ordering the products you want through online stores. You can simply order from AmazonFresh, Target or Walmart and they would take necessary measures to deliver the products to your doorstep.

Find Bargain Food

Saving money on food can also be considered as one of the biggest challenges that people have to face when traveling to NYC. When you are purchasing groceries or dining out, you will have to pay bills with steep prices. Therefore, you should look to buy bargain food in the area. You can go to Chinatown or eat Bagels and pizza slices in order to save money. You will also have to spend a lot of money on beverages while you are in New York. It has been identified that the average cost of a cocktail in NYC is about $15. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on happy hours.

Save on Transportation

You don’t need to rent a luxury Limo to get around in NYC. You can find plenty of affordable transportation methods in the area and you just need to stick to them. When you are exploring NYC, you will have to travel a lot. However, you should avoid taking cabs or renting a car if you want to save money. You can try UberPool or Lyft Line. Or else, you can simply take the subway or the bus. You will also be able to purchase a 30 day Metro Card, which will assist you to get around NYC in a cost effective manner. You can rent a bike as well.

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