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Deciding that it is time to settle and create your own family with the person that represents your better half is one of the most beautiful things out there.

Because the event is such a significant one, you can’t keep it for yourself, as you’ll want to celebrate it with your family and friends. And this calls for a wedding, one of the most important events in the life of a person.

But, as we all know, putting together a wedding can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to budgeting. Everybody wishes to enjoy a gorgeous wedding, although the available funds usually come in between making a dream come true.

Well, what if you could still enjoy an amazing wedding and still save money while organizing? If you never thought that such a thing is possible, you should definitely take a look below and find 10 stunning tips for an unforgettable, yet affordable wedding.

1. Choose the Best Date for the Event

Did it ever occur to you that choosing the date of your wedding can actually help your budget? So, considering that this is the first step you need to make, once you’ve decided to have a wedding, allow us to give you some tips in this direction.

If it is possible, choose to have your wedding on a Sunday or even a weeknight. If you make such a choice, you may get a much better price from venue managers, as there isn’t much demand for these particular dates.

Are you worried that a good part of your guests won’t be able to make it to your wedding because it won’t be held on a Saturday?

You will have to admit that very many people may already have plans for Saturday, as it’s their free day, plus that those who want to be with you on your most important day will be there, no matter when you choose to have the wedding. So, consider your budget first.

2. The Way You Make Your Guests' List Counts

wedding guest list etiquette

While it is true that weddings are made with people, you should now that every guest added to the list will increase your final costs. And we are not talking just about food, as the rest will also become more expensive.

So, when thinking about the persons you would like to invite to your wedding, you really don’t have to consider people you haven’t spoken in years.

After all, you want those that have been close to you to be part of your wedding, instead of looking at faces you have a hard time recognizing.

Also, you should not invite all your co-workers out of curtsy, especially if you have a relationship that resumes strictly to work and you barely talk about anything else.

3. Consider the Costs of Your Invitations

wedding invitation ideas

Do your best to resist the temptation to choose expensive invitations, regardless of how irresistible those engraved models look.

Keep in mind that you decided to save money and keep the budget low so that you will have money for the things that count, like a beautiful honeymoon.

Also, most people put away wedding invitations where they will be forgotten so there’s really no point in paying too much money on this type of items.

Opting for invitations with a regular design, which is clean and simple, is all that you need and the choice will also be budget-friendly.

4. Save Money on Postal Services with Your Invitations

Yes, we all know that it is cute to send invitations the old fashioned way, in a beautiful envelope, but you should also know that you can cut some costs at this part, even if you really want to send envelopes.

Instead of introducing a reply card in the envelope, which everyone should send back to you, on your own money, you can kindly ask everyone to send their replies via phone, message, or e-mail. This way, the expenses with postal services are cut in half.

5. Look for Great Deals for the Wedding Dress

discount wedding dresses

The wedding dress is probably the centerpiece of every wedding and, obviously, every bride wishes it to be perfect, just as they dreamt it.

Well, you can get your dream dress at a great price if you are up to doing a bit of research. While specialists will recommend getting the dress no sooner than 6 months prior to the event, you can start looking for it in a timely manner so that you will make sure to nail the best offer.

How is it possible to find special offers for wedding dresses?

First of all, you should know that many designers and great brands sell their samples once a year. This is an amazing opportunity for you to get your hands on a stunning wedding dress at a bargain price. So, make sure to find out when the wedding dress sample sales are taking place so that you can have a look.

Also, you should check a wedding shop online or the most popular online marketplaces for awesome deals. When it comes to prices for wedding dresses, in many cases you can get one at a much lower price online.

Not to mention that you can save a lot of dollars by choosing a used one, considering that it was worn only once. But, when it comes to buying used dresses, check it so that it's not too filthy, as cleaning the delicate materials of such a dress will mean additional costs to your budget.

6. How to Save Money on Decorating the Church

church wedding decoration ideas

You probably imagine that the church will also be beautifully decorated for the religious ceremony of your wedding.

The truth is that you can save money even in this part, if, for instance, you choose to have the ceremony in the proximity of a religious holiday.

This way, the church will already be decorated to make the event, so you will be able to cut the decoration of this particular place from your list.

7. Don’t Hesitate to Ask People for Help and Save Money on the Way

One of the best ways to save money on a wedding is to ask your family and friends for tips and advice.

For example, what did they do to cut the costs of their events? Also, asking your friends and relatives to recommend musicians, bands, photographers, or finding among them someone with the set of skills you need for these parts, including the making of decorations and invitations, can help you save a lot.

A question never hurts and you never know what money saving tip you may find this way.

8. Do the Things You Can on Your Own

Believe it or not, there are so many things you can do on your own. And the best part about this is that you have the perfect excuse to throw a party with your friends and get things done exactly as you like it.

We are talking about the centerpieces of your wedding, invitations, favors, and anything else you need and can be part of a DIY project.

There are many ideas on the Internet and they will definitely help you enjoy an affordable wedding. Call your friends and ask for their help, just make sure to put some music on and have bowls with snacks in handy, so that everybody will enjoy the entire process.

9. Spend Some Time Finding Solutions for Affordable Food and Drinks

wedding drinks ideas

Besides the venue and wedding dress, food and drinks are the next most expensive part of a wedding. No party is complete without these and your guests will leave fast if they don’t have what to eat and drink.

So, taking sufficient time to find a solution that will grant you access to affordable food and drinks is one of the best things you can do.

The truth is that you will need to be transparent when you’re talking to a caterer and simply let him or her know that you are looking to save money.

This way the caterer will know what to recommend so that it will suit the desired budget.

Also, do take into consideration the fact that organizing a buffet may actually be cheaper than setting tables.

Don’t forget to ask about drinks as well, as not all caters provide this part. Or it may be cheaper if you bring in the beverages from your own sources.

But, if you and your partner are not alcohol fans, considering serving none at your wedding.

So, as you can see, it is worth taking into account several options and choosing the one that suits you best.

10. You Can’t Imagine Just How Useful eBay Can Turn Out to Be

There are so many amazing and cheap things you can find on the Internet, including for your wedding. If you don’t know what wedding shop online to choose, we dare to make a recommendation.

eBay is one of the best choices due to the fact that you can both new and used items for your wedding.

So, it is definitely worth taking a lot at what you can find here because, let’s be honest, getting new wedding decorations won’t help you too much.

Just do have in mind to do this in a timely manner because, in the case of an auction, you will have to be patient until the auction ends.

Also, take into consideration the time required for shipping. Thus, you will have to check if all the items you want will arrive in time for your wedding.

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Deciding that it is time to settle and create your own family with the person that represents your better half is one of the most beautiful things out there. Because the event is such a significant one, you can’t keep it for yourself, as you’ll want to celebrate it with...