Buying a Home: Cash or Mortgage?


Are you thinking about changing your current home? Perhaps you need a bigger one, or wish to get rid of the rent and call a place your own.

Buying a house can be a great investment because it offers you security and stability, it will give your children a place to stay in the future as well, or it can become a mean of income if you decide to rent it at one point.

Still, there is the significant matter of handling the costs of buying a home. As you may know, homes don’t come cheap. So there is the question of whether to purchase a house with cash or mortgage. Well, the answer depends on the budget and financial power of a family, or potential buyer. Each of us should look at the home buying matter from all perspectives, before making a final decision.

Paying cash for a house can be extremely difficult for most people because it assumes having the necessary money to make the transaction. It is also an ideal case because it will keep a person from getting in debt for very many years. But honestly, how many of you can afford this?

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Either you saved money for your entire life, finally having sufficient to allow you to purchase your dream home, or you sold a former property, which also gives you enough funds to make such an expense.

Another possibility would be the inheritance of some valuable assets that will keep you away from getting loans for a house. So, the options of paying cash for a house are very limited and do not apply in the case of most people.

A large part of the people that look for a new home are young families, which just got started in life, or families with children, which need more room for their extra family members. In both these cases, the budget is not looking great so that the only option is a mortgage house. This will enable them to get the money they need for purchasing it from a bank, although the downside being the payment of the monthly rates, which can last for very many years to come.

But there are sacrifices to be made if you want to offer your family a decent and comfortable life. If you are staying in a rented place, you have to pay the rent every month anyway. So why not pay a mortgage rate for your house instead?

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Still, you will need to check first if you are able to pay the mortgage. Get the help of a mortgage loan calculator and see what the costs you will have to manage to the type of house you are looking to get are.

So, can you buy a house with cash? Only if you are among the luckiest cases, which already have the money they need for doing this. If not, you will just have to do what everybody else does, and that is to get a mortgage loan.

But regardless of case, always assess your budget and decide upfront how much you are willing to spend, and stick to this, so you won’t end up in the impossibility of making payments.


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