How to Get a Mortgage with No Credit History

Every other person is addicted to using their credit cards. However, there are terrible stories of people who have been crushed under the weight of debt. Many people started reducing or cutting the use of credit cards completely to avoid…

Buying a Home: Cash or Mortgage?

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What is a Mortgage Loan?

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What is a Reverse Mortgage – How it Work

Money is the need that may arise at any point of time but when you are at the age of retirement you need a way which may inject income in your home and in this case reverse mortgage may work in the right manner for you.

4 Tips to Get Approved for a Mortgage

Web sites offering mortgage loans post pictures of luxurious homes and smiling families to make it sound as if it is ridiculously easy to obtain a mortgage loan. Reality is totally different. But if you make use of these 4 tips, you too can get approved for a mortgage.

5 Tips for Mortgage Planning

Buying a home is truly exciting. However, it only happens to those people who have lots of money in their banks. Well, that happened back in the day, as you, as an average American can buy your own home.

5 Tips to Get the Best Mortgage Rates

If you are dreaming of a home of your own, you must do a little homework to get the best mortgage rates. This would make repayment a bit more affordable for you.

Four Ways to Lower Your Mortgage Payment

Paying a home mortgage bill can be very painful, not to mention that you have to do it every month and what more if you’ll do it for 50 years?