Six Tips for Not Spending Money


Well, if your goal is to save money and avoid overspending, there are 6 ways for you to follow. These tips are pretty much effective when it comes to helping you save more money.

1. Start setting your savings goals – it is always a good thing to plan things out. Are you saving up your money to buy a new car? Well, maybe, you just want to pay down your balances on the credit card. Whatever the case would be, you should always consider setting your goals. When you already have a clear idea of what you’re saving for, you’ll be surely prepared to work towards such goal. You must always think of your goals as your line of defense that protects you from spending money exceedingly.

2. Start planning your budget – you must always keep a track of your expenditures. You need to log your entries daily into a budget spreadsheet. Eventually, you’ll see how much you spend every day, every week, every month and even every year. If you need help, there are a lot of effective budget planners that you could find online. This way, you could easily analyze your budget and exactly know where the hole in your pocket is.

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3. Balance your money before spending – make sure that you pay all of your bills prior to leaving the house and go shopping. Whenever you’re not aware of your financial condition, you’ll likely spend more money in a frivolous manner. Whenever you have a good idea of your finances, your awareness will surely help you when you go out. Make sure that you check the balance your checkbook, as it will surely give you the willpower of avoiding spending too much money.

4. Give yourself three days – if you’re tempted to make huge purchase, you need to wait for three days. While waiting, make sure that you consider whether or not it’s really what you need. After the rush of impulse shopping wears off, you’ll know if it is something that you really want to buy.

5. Cook your own food – give yourself a favor and do not go out just to eat. There would be food in your fridge, which will be a lot better and healthier for you, not to mention that you’ll save big bucks as well. Make sure that you check your pantry prior to taking another trip to the store. You might have some food in there as well. Moreover, when you go out, make sure that you already eat, because a hungry shopper definitely spends more. Whenever you’re out of food, that’s the best time for you to shop around.

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6. Pack your lunch – lunches in restaurants could be somewhat expensive. You need to avoid this trap by simply making your own sack lunch prior to leaving your house for work. This way, you’ll eat healthier and save a good deal of money as well.

So, what are you waiting for? If you need help about avoiding to spend money, it would be ideal for you to get these six tips mentioned above now.


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