How to Save Money on Amazon Purchases

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People buy things on Amazon all of the time! Books, movies, décor; you name it, Amazon has it. There are so many different kinds of necessities and luxuries. Whether you need a new shower curtain or your best friend recommended a brand of clothes you simply have to check out, Amazon is a place that offers that opportunity.

While you could certainly investigate other places, be they website or in person, Amazon is worthy of consideration for fulfilling your interests. That being said, one of the key factors in a market appeal for consumerism is the option to save a good bit of money.

Amazon’s prices are already usually cheaper than the average, but every little bit counts when it comes to saving. Here are some fun and friendly tips on the best way to save when using Amazon!

Step One:Subscribe and Save” when you purchase items on Amazon. By using this option, they will send you a plethora of coupons and offer many different discounts on a wide variety of items. This is one of the most efficient ways to save when using Amazon.

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Step Two: Sign up for the Amazon Prime option, and then…cancel it. You will get free shipping and other perks when you are registered for Amazon Prime, and it is free for a certain amount of time. Before it charges your card, however, you should cancel it in order to save money.

Step Three: Check deal tracker websites before purchasing an item. Prices on Amazon are known to fluctuate throughout the week, and there are preferable times to buy. These types of websites will keep you in the know when it comes to perfecting your purchasing power.

Step Four: If you are a college student, there is an even better option for you than Amazon Prime! You can sign up as a student for Amazon, and this will save you money on many different things. With discounts and shipping help, this type of account is preferable to having a regular Amazon account.

Step Five: Pick the best shipping option—no rush—and Amazon will give you in store credit. You can use the credit to buy cool things. The more you buy, and the more you select no rush shipping, the more credit you get to purchase newer cooler things. What a neat cycle!

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There are always ways to save more money, and hopefully, these help when you’re making purchases on Amazon!

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