5 Tips to Make a Cross Country Move Cheaper


A cross country shift sounds fun! Meet new people, stay in newer surroundings and work at a new place. It all sounds very exciting. But, the trouble sets in when you need to figure out how to make the major shift from one place to another. When, you have spent a major part of your life at one place, you have settled in many things. Now to shift that entire setup is a task. Not just the physical relocation of your family but also your belongings, various documentation, managing your travel, all of it. Everything just falls on to your head, with a big confusion.

With such great task ahead, a concrete plan and organization is a must. So, here are few tips to make your shift more easy and fast.


The first important aspect of making a cross-country shift is to understand how much baggage you have that needs to be transferred.

  • So, first and foremost make a list.
  • List each item and its approximate cost should be clearly stated.
  • Take pictures and keep records of the condition of all your possessions.


When carrying- out such major shift it is important that you insure your possessions. So that, in case of adversary one can claim the replacement cost at least.

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When it is a cross country shift, it is important to choose the mode of transport that is most reasonable by way of preplanning.

  • If it is by air understand the maximum amount of baggage that an airline allows that can be easily checked-in. To ensure the safety of fragile stuff they can be easily transported by airways.
  • Roadways again is a great source of transport.
  • Compare the costs and chose the one that is more reasonable.


The most convenient and reasonable option to do vehicular shift is driving it.

  • Pre- check-up of the locomotive can save you from huge maintenance cost in case of an emergency.
  • Use online navigator can help you avoid longer routes.
  • Determine the fuel to be used, its efficiency and its cost to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • In case you take a halt at some hotel or motel, then expenses made on meals or snacks.


Various shipping companies are specialized in shipping huge vehicles. Ask a few questions

  • The maximum time taken to transport the vehicle
  • The cost price of the transport
  • If in any case the vehicle is damaged what is the security offered?
  • Find the company’s reputation?
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If all of this sound’s too tedious the best is to hire a moving company. Get an estimate of the expenses for the transport of your possessions. Evaluate the estimated costs of all the given options consider comparing and use which one best suits your budget.


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