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The Internet offers a variety of ways to save money and find exclusive offers, and when you can shop online and avoid crowds and traveling, why not take advantage of it, right?

One major advantage to online shopping is the many options that are right at your fingertips.

Knowing where to find the best deals takes some know-how to ensure the bargains you find are real from reputable companies.

Here we will share with you eleven of the best shopping hacks that will help you stretch your dollars.

1. Using Coupon Codes for Online Shopping

Shopping coupons have been around for decades. However, gone is the requirement to clip them from coupon books, newspapers or magazines and use them only in local stores.

Now those deals and sometimes even better ones are available with online vendors through the use of coupon codes, discount codes and promotions.

Whether you have a specific item in mind for purchase, or you’re merely interested in browsing for current deals for a certain store, begin by doing a search for an item, brand or retailer and include coupon code, or discount code in your search criteria.

There are sites that are solely dedicated to providing coupon codes whereas the sites provide current codes as well as links for specific items.

2. Free Shipping

Finding deals that offer free shipping can offer massive savings.

These deals are usually combined with the spending of a certain dollar amount or buying a minimum quantity and at other times it is an offer provided to first-time buyers or for a time-sensitive purchase.

Free shipping offers are found once you know what you want to purchase and then searching online for free shipping offers.

3. Forums

As mentioned earlier, there are sites that are completely focused on compiling deals for specific merchants or product types and are referred to as online shopping forums.

One very popular online forum is Slickdeals.com whereas you can browse current deals; see feedback about the success of posted coupon codes, enter sweepstakes, find out about freebies and more.

4. Finding Freebies

Freebies are something fun for everyone. Online freebies consist of discount codes that give something free, entering contests or doing surveys for a free gift and even local freebies.

Who wouldn’t want something free on their birthday? No problem, with local venues, always trying to increase foot traffic, there are opportunities to take advantage of complimentary items in honor of your birthday.

All that is required is to do a search for “birthday freebies near me,” in any search engine and depending on where you live, you may qualify for free coffee, ice cream or even a complete meal.

5. Search Engines Do Matter

Some online companies create “cookies” and are able to track your history and activity with them. While these cookies oftentimes enhance the customer experience, it can prevent the viewer from seeing some of the newest deals the company has available.

Additionally, some businesses may charge higher prices according to zip code or location information.

To alleviate being tracked and potentially missing out on lower pricing or best deals, simply opt to browse with Chrome incognito mode to get best deals shopping. In order to access a Chrome private browser, simply choose “incognito window” under settings.

6. Take Advantage of Credit Card Rewards

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It is possible to rack up savings by first finding an online deal and making the purchase with a credit card that offers cash-back rewards.

While this is typically indicative of certain cards, rewards can offer anywhere from one-percent to five-percent back. That’s free money!

7. First Time Buyer Discounts

Some online retailers offer first-time buyers discounts when you provide a valid email address.

While this is a way for you to save money, it also gives them a way to build their customer list for future marketing.

However, it benefits you by agreeing to receive notifications of upcoming deals.

8. Shop Around for Deals

There are multiple retailers that offer the same item for different prices. If you are not a company or brand loyal than you can save tons of money by shopping around.

For the price conscientious person, it is recommended to shop around online with a Google search to find the best deals.

For instance, companies such as Amazon and Wayfair frequently sell the exact same item but at very different prices.

To further empower you, try out the Google shopping tool or PriceBlink.

9. Shop Wednesday through Friday

In a recent report, it was stated that the biggest online deals were generally offered Wednesday through Friday.

If you can plan ahead or be patient, whichever the case may be, then mark your calendars and plan to shop during this timeframe each week.

10. Use a Cash-Back Portal

With a variety of cashback sites to choose from, not only can you find what you’re looking for but you can earn credit, cash-back or points by using a cash-back portal.

For instance, the Ibotta app requires a simple install on your smartphone and if you check out their app to see the available deals prior to entering a store, you have the chance to earn cash-back. Others include Ebates or Swagbucks just to name a few.

11. Facebook and Save

Facebook is a popular option for many and retailers are taking advantage of that popularity. If you have a Facebook account, join groups that are geared toward finding the best sales or deals available.

Similar to the online shopping forums, there are businesses that pass deals and other promotions along to members of Facebook pages.


With so many online deals available it can be confusing knowing the best options to choose from. Saving money should be a habit for everyone, making an effort of stretching the dollar as much as possible.

Be sure to use the above-suggested and proven tips before shopping online and you too can reap the rewards of being a significant money saver.

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The Internet offers a variety of ways to save money and find exclusive offers, and when you can shop online and avoid crowds and traveling, why not take advantage of it, right? One major advantage to online shopping is the many options that are right at your fingertips. Knowing where to...