Beach VacationsEvery year thousands of tourists are rushing to Europe in order to spend the holidays at their favorite beach. Many decide to visit southern France or Italy, although there are accessible and cheap beach destinations that can be found throughout Europe.

The warm weather and sandy beaches are what you need most to relax, and if you want to stay within the budget, you can find cheap hotels in all destinations in Europe. This article shows the ten cheapest beach destinations in Europe.

1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Sunny Beach

On this beach, at the Black Sea, tourists have been coming for many years from different countries such as Germany, Great Britain, and Scandinavian countries but also tourists from Eastern European countries. Because of this communication in the English language in this country can take place without any problems. Sunny Beach is around 5 km long. This beach has developed over years so that today it includes 1,000 hotels as well as numerous bars and clubs where you can enjoy a night out.

Even though there is often a crowd on this beach, it is ideal if you are looking for a cheap destination. In July, an overnight stay for two in one of the hotels is around 36 euros, and one of the famous cheap, but well arranged, the hotel is Slavyanski Hotel.

2. Mamaia, Romania

Mamaia, Romania

Beach Mamaia is similar to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. Although small, with only 200 hotels in the area, one can get the impression that this destination is somewhat more expensive, but it does not necessarily mean that. This community beach is located near the city of Constanta, which is also the largest port in the Black Sea.

Mamaia beach is accessible to tourists from all over Europe and beyond, so here you can have as much fun as on any other beach. One of the hotels that you can book is the Hotel Tomis, and the price for overnight stays during the season is around 47 euros for two people.

3. Ulcinj, Velika Beach, Montenegro

Ulcinj, Montenegro

This Beach is located along the Adriatic coast south of Croatia, and even though it is not much known about among tourists, it definitely deserves more attention. Velika (Great) Beach is 14 km long, which is why it got its name and is located south of the city of Ulcinj. In the vicinity of the beach, you can find many private but cheap accommodations and clubs with good food and drink that can be a great alternative if you want to get away from the sun.

Even though Budva is the most popular city in Montenegro, tourists mainly come to the Velika Beach because it has a lot more sand. Velika Beach is a destination which is often visited by Russians and Serbs, as well as the other tourists. Price for two nights during the season is around 30 euros, and if you decide to visit this beach, you can go to the hotel Apartments Doctor.

4. Kos Island, Greece

Kos, Greece

Although there are many islands in Greece with similar prices, the island Kos is popping out because it is one of the larger and more developed of the group of cheap islands. Kos Island with its sandy beaches and numerous rooms attracts tourists from Italy, Germany, and other cities.

Accommodation at the hotel, like the well-furnished Kris Mari Hotel, is about 45 euros for two for one night in the peak season. Due to increased competition, food and drinks can also be found for less money.

5. Sabbie Nere Beach, Catania, Italy

Sabbie Nere Beach, Italy

If you want to spend your vacation in Italy, and for it not to cost a lot, the right place to do it Sabbie Nere Beach in Catania. This beach is actually one of most original beaches in the world, and its name actually means Black Sand Beach because of the black sand, which is of volcanic origin.

Beach is located in the north of Sicily, the Volcano Island so that, in addition to enjoying the beach and the sun, you can visit the volcanic crater of Gran Cratere. If you decide to come here, make sure you seek accommodation in Villa Matter which is located near the Sabbie Nere Beach and one night will cost about 25 euros.

6. Patara, Turkey

Patara beach, Turkey

Patara beach, with its 18 kilometers, is one of the longest and most beautiful sandy beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, and on top of everything also very accessible. You can find accommodation in St. Nicholas Pension and Restaurant where one night costs 25 euros. Patara is also the most important port in this part of the Mediterranean, as according to various legends,

Patara is Apollo's place of birth. In addition to the usual activities that you can do here, such as tanning and swimming, your holiday in Patara can be enriched by visiting archaeological sites as well as excavations of Roman walls.

7. Golden Cape Beach, Brac, Croatia

Golden Cape Beach Brac, Croatia

Golden Cape Beach, also known as the Golden Horn, one of the most unusual beaches in the world because it can change its shape depending on the wind direction. Therefore, each year it attracts thousands of tourists. In addition, the water is very clean, and when the sea is calm the visibility goes up to ten meters deep. Around the beach, there are pine trees, and there is a special type of pine that can be seen only in Brac.

In addition to the fact that you can find an inexpensive accommodation, another peculiarity of this place is that there are only a few vehicles so the air is very clean.

8. Las Islas Cies, Galicia, Spain

Las Islas Cies, Spain

Even though Spain offers a lot of famous touristic cities, Las Islas Cies is one of those that represent a small piece of paradise hidden in isolated beaches in Provence of Galicia.

To come to the most exclusive beaches in Spain which were the perfect refuge for pirates in the past, you must rent a boat from the fishing village of Baiona. After a 40-minute boat ride, you’ll reach this Spanish gem that you can visit only during the summer.

At one of many fully equipped camping sites, you can rent a tent for 2-4 people at an affordable price, at a minimum of two days to enjoy the perfect vacation.

9. Vama Veche, Romania

Vama Veche, Romania

Vama Veche is a completely non-traditional beach in the village of Vama Veche near the Black Sea. Here the friends gather around the campfire and enjoy the sounds of guitars. Most tourists who come here and they love to be woken up by the sound of waves, sleep in tents on the beach so you can spend the entire holiday for free.

This beach is an ideal location for those who prefer to acquire new friends and socialize, with the sound of music. And if you do not want to sleep in a tent, you can always go to the hotel, hostel or even in a local house.

10. Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia, with its beautiful landscapes, clear water, and villages surrounded by olive groves, has begun to attract an increasing number of tourists. And if you come here, the environment would certainly have to be explored by boat.

The surrounding mountains, the different types of vegetation and the sea create extremely memorable scenes. In addition, the nightlife is very diverse and active and you can enjoy food and drinks in the city or in a tavern on the beach.

If you decide to visit Kefalonia, you can find accommodation in a facility like the Emilia Apartments and spend the night here for about 35 euros.

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Every year thousands of tourists are rushing to Europe in order to spend the holidays at their favorite beach. Many decide to visit southern France or Italy, although there are accessible and cheap beach destinations that can be found throughout Europe. The warm weather and sandy beaches are what you...